March 19,2011

The Shepard’s Lamb is an interesting story about a traveling preacher named Brother Jed, and his daughter Martha. Brother Jed travels the countries college campuses and conducts sermons discussing many controversial subjects such as premarital sex, something many college students feel passionately about.

The story of Jimmy Wilson was particularly touching. In the beginning, Jimmy was excited for all of his new college experiences, and triumphs on the football field. An all-american candidate turned murder suspect? I didn’t think this was typical.

At the end of his last dinner at home, Jimmy rushed to the defense of his aunt who was a victim of domestic violence. Does this sound like a murderer? Unfortunately, Jimmy accidentally killed Kevin Smoot. He then drove off to

Like any other young girl, Martha looks up to her father. She passionately believes in everything he says. She views him as a loving father who would never steer her in the wrong direction. The students view her father as a crazy, sexist pig who is going to hell.

Martha was often criticized and teased for being the daughter of a crazy preacher. This article made me feel bad for her. Being ostracized because of your beliefs is horrible. The students made her feel like she was no where near normal compared to them.

I feel bad for her because feeling like the “odd man out” is the worst possible feeling. Towards the end of the article I felt relief because the crowed goes from looking her like a weird, christian, jesus freak to a normal girl who plays halo, and goes on facebook, just like them. Often times approval from peers is what people need most. I was happy to see that in the end, Martha got the approval that she wanted.

Jimmy Wilson’s story was particularly shocking. This story was about a football player at the University of Montana. An all-american football candidate, also murderer? Not a very typical combination

Jimmy Wilson was a excited for all of his future college experiences, and triumphs on the football field. On his last night at home, after his last home cooked meal, Jimmy got word that his aunt was a victim of domestic violence.

Jimmy rushed to her defense. His heroic acts will later change his life forever. When he arrived at his aunt’s house, Jimmy encountered Kevin Smoot. Kevin was pointing an AK-47 right at Jimmy’s chest. In a fight for survival, Jimmy accidentally killed Kevin. Immediately after, Jimmy drove off to Montana.

The guilt got to Jimmy, causing him to turn himself in. This gave way to years of sleepless nights in a jail cell, and countless trials. This was shocking because I could never see an all-american football player killing someone. I thought he had a bright future ahead of him. Turning himself in turned his entire life upside down.

I enjoyed this story because of the way Roman Stubbs wrote it. He was very descriptive in the way he described Jimmy’s daily jail activities, and his rituals. Then, when his jail cell got flooded, Jimmy broke his ritual and stayed up all night cleaning the urine and feces. Hours later he was a free man after sweating it out through many trials.

I thought this story was extremely well written and compelling.


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