Women of Troy

A once thriving, and industrial city is now a place of famine, and poverty. Troy, New York is a place where young women and their children go from house to house with no stability. 1/5 of the population of Troy lives below the poverty line. This is a way of life in Troy, everyone is on the same boat.

Men are not a common sight in Troy, but their presence is everywhere. Teen pregnancy runs ramped. Billy Jean had three children, each with different fathers. She went to the annual flag day parade with her children in hopes of snagging her ex boyfriend back from his new girlfriend. She even went as far as to say “If I had a gun I’d shoot that bitch.”

Personally, things like this make me sick to my stomach. Listening to their stories was hard, but seeing the average household in Troy was even more difficult. Seeing what these girls wear, and the example they set for their children was appalling. To have to go as far as to “shoot a bitch” for a man is disgusting. Billy Jean probably feels as if she needs a man for support. Women of Troy live off food stamps and temporary assistance. Their bedrooms are un-finished basements equipped with broken mattress on the floor. This mattress often times sleeps four or more people.

The most troubling thing to see was the living situation the children. They are crammed into small houses, or even basements. They breathe in clouds of cigarette smoke constantly. In my opinion, that’s not healthy. I feel as if the women just don’t care. Billy Jean was more concerned with posing for a picture for a stranger than getting her kids the juice that they were promised. I think it is morally wrong to put a child in such an unhealthy living condition. I understand that all of the women may not have the means to provide for their children, but the pictures make the girls look like they don’t even care about their kids at all.

The situation in Troy seems to be generational. This is sad because in society, women have come so far. Women have the capability of obtaining, and holding down a good job. I feel as if the women of Troy believe that is not possible for them. How are they supposed to better themselves if they don’t even try?


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