This American Life- Notable Narrative March 21

For this week’s notable narrative, I chose a piece that was on the website Article number 420 is called “Neighborhood Watch.” It is all about neighbors and how the interact with each other. The stories embedded in this radio broadcast have a common theme; the kindness of those who surround us.

The first story was about a mail carrier. Personally, I never take the time to notice, or make conversation with my mail carrier. Surprisingly, mail carriers notice a lot more than you think. Oftentimes, they are put in terrible positions. This particular mail carrier was put in a position that questioned his morals. He was the witness of a fight gone almost fatal. He witnessed a pizza shop owner fighting his formal employee. He called 911. He later realized that the owner of the pizza shop had been stabbed during the fight. Because of his valiant effort, the mail carrier was named “Hero of the year” in 2008 in the mail carriers magazine.

This brings an interesting question to my mind. Would I do the same thing? If I were in that situation would someone help me? I really hope so. I like to think that I would get the same treatment that I give other people. I personally relate to the mail carrier because I have called 911 for someone before. At home, development is on both sides of the street, it strattles a major road. Due to the high traffic volume, there are many car accidents at the intersection of my street and the main road. My backyard is on the corner, so I can often hear traffic from the intersection. While I was home for spring break, I had a “mail carrier experience.” I had just gotten home from getting my ashes with my cousin and brother. We were eating our sicilian pizza, laughing, and in the middle of a conversation when all of a sudden we heard a LOUD crash! We ran out of my back door towards the intersection. We heard a woman scream. After seeing a three car accident we immediately raced  back into the house to call 911. I related to the mailman in this case because the victims in the accident clearly needed help. I didn’t have to run outside or call 911, but I did. I could only hope that someone else would do the same thing for me.

To listen to this radio cast go to


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