Why we couldn’t Save Nicole

“Why we couldn’t save Nicole” was an insightful story told through the eyes of the struggling parent of an addict. Addiction is a serious disease that many are effected by, more people than you think. Addiction changes the entire personality of the diseased person. Her mother described Nicole, one of her four children as “a fun loving daughter.”

Nicole was battling her heroin addiction for a long-time, later seeking help from her parents. Unfortunately, their help had little effect on Nicole.

Her Mom wrote this article in hopes of helping other families who are dealing with addicts. This article sheds light on the challenge of getting professional help. Nicole’s family was told, “An addict can get help faster if he commits a crime than if he just asks for help.” It is extremely difficult to find affordable treatment centers, especially with out insurance. Unfortunately, Nicole did not have insurance. Even a trip to the emergency room did not get Nicole into the type of treatment centers she needed.

Contrary to popular belief, “detox is viewed separately from the treatment system.” Many treatment centers, and hospitals do not offer detox. Often times, addicts do not get the right type of attention because emergency rooms usually do not have addiction experts.

Ultimately Nicole lost her fight with heroin addiction. She was found dead on the beach. Alcohol, cocaine and methadone were found in Nicole’s system. Frederick County police officers told Nicole’s mother that she had been dead for two days before being found.

This is one of the saddest articles that I have ever read. Personally, I was unaware of the difficulty faced when seeking an addiction treatment center.

I felt a personal connection to this article; my childhood best friend was an addict. She suffered addictions to marijuana, oxycodone, and Xanax. Brooke and I grew up together. As little girls we had dreams going to college, and eventually being the hosts of E! News.

As high school approached, Brooke began to change. She became secretive and never wanted to spend time together, her entire personality changed. She began to drastically thin out; this was a result of anorexia, bulimia, and the drugs. Brooke was constantly in and out of therapy, addiction programs, and out patient rehab. This vicious cycle went on for three years.

Brooke clearly exhibited all of the characteristics of an addict. Never having dealt with addict before, her parents were uncertain on what to do, this is very similar to Nicole’s story.

The summer before our senior year, Brooke’s life changed forever. She got into a head on collision while driving under the influence. Brooke and the other parties involved survived the collision with a few injuries.

Almost immediately after the accident, Brooke was shipped off to a detox center in Texas; from there she was referred to another center in Florida where she is currently residing. She is scheduled to move into a half way with other recovering addicts in the near future.

Reading this article made me realize how lucky Brooke is to be alive. Both stories stress the importance of getting treated for addiction.



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