Intended Consequences

The video previously viewed in class entitled “Intended Consequences” was a story of the suffering of the Tutsi women in Rwanda, Africa. Beginning on April 7, 1994, 800,000 people were killed over a span of one hundred days. After the first week, the Hutu began to broadcast the message “All Tutsi will perish.” They launched a genocide campaign that would change the lives of thousands forever. The scars still remain.

The purpose of this video, is not to shed light on the number of dead people, but to tell the stories of those who survived. On the third day of the genocide campaign, the Hutu did not kill any Tutsis; all of the women were raped that day.

One particularly shocking story was Olivia’s story. She survived because she found a sanctuary in a church. The church was raided on the third day. All of the women who were hiding out in the church were raped. Olivia’s story is appalling because five different men raped her in front of her children.

The Hutu use the word “marry” instead of using the word rape.

Another story that stuck out to me was Marie’s story. Not only was she raped, but she was beaten as well. After she got “married” she was left there unconscious. After finding refuge in her uncle’s home, she found out that she was pregnant. Not only did she have to endure the brutal beating and rape, but also she had to live with the consequences forever.

I believe that this video is a cry for help. It was meant to show how brutal the genocide campaign was. It is shocking that the international community was essentially unresponsive. It is baffling that human beings could be so cruel and do such horrible things to other based on their ethnicity.



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