Ancient Art, or Death Sentence?

Have you ever heard of swallowing a sword? Wouldn’t you think that is dangerous? According to Tony Del Rio, it is safe enough to teach students! Sword swallowing is said to be an ancient art originating in India. The student, Stuart began to revive the art at the tender age of 16. His first attempt resulted in gagging and coughing. After being given a smaller sword, Stuart then got the sword past his second gag reflex. With out fear or hesitiation, Stuart got the sword all the way down this throat after the third try.

Over the course of the next 42 years, Stuart became a master of the sword. He earned himself a place in the Guiness Book of World Records, not an easy feat. With a great deal or practice, and experience, Stuart was able to swallow 25 swords at one time. With his “dare devil” persona, he also attempted the 7 Deadly Tortures which include “fire manipulation, glass and fire dancing, blockhead (or drilling nails up your nose), lying on a bed of nails, glass eating, making your body a human pincushion, and subjection to a modern form of electric shock treatment. From belly flopping onto glass, to sticking metal pins through his muscles, to absorbing intense electric current.”


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