There’s a first time for Everything.

The story, “First woman ascends into top Drill Sergeant Spot” explains the journey of a woman named Sgt. Maj. Teresa L. King. Teresa is one of twelve children who grew up on her father’s farm in North Carolina. She started her army career as a Postal Clerk, and moved up from there. King is especially interesting because she is the first woman to hold the position of commandment of the army’s drill instructors. In her 29 year experience, King has jumped out of 33 planes, and aced every physical training test. In previous years, the army has had some trouble recruiting women for this prestigious position. Many women state that they are unable to hold the position due to long hour, pregnancy, and prohibition towards women. In contrast to other women, Teresa states “When I look in the mirror, I don’t see a female, I see a soldier.” She trains her soldiers like any other drill sergeant, she is hard on them. Although unlike previous drill sergeants, King thinks of her soldiers as “her children,” and disciplines them using “tough love.”

King’s promotion puts a rest to gender discrimination for now. She proves that enlisted women deserve to have equal opportunities as men. Only 8% of high ranking, active duty soldiers are women. This statistic is alarming to Teresa. She has made it her goal to recruit more women into the army. Although not a prominent group, 13% of army personnel are female.

Contrary to popular belief, women can be just as good in their fields as men. Soldiers describe King “She can always find the cigarette butt under the mattress.” Like male drill sergeants, she believes in enforcing ethics and rules 24/7. She believes in being a role model for the soldiers she is training.


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