Non-Profit. Is it really non-profit?

After reading the voice of San Diego article I realized many things about the world of Journalism. As an inspiring writer myself, I’m not so sure that I am for non profit news. I am kind of on the fence for many reasons. I like the purpose of non profit news. For example, the mission of the Voice of San Diego is “To pursue local accountability in journalism.” I appreciate that statement because I believe that everyone is entitled to hear the true, factual news stories. People want to know what’s going on. The Voice of San Diego is giving the public what it needs free of charge. Many people like this because subscriptions to newspapers can get expensive. Personally, I like the fact that it is a non-profit paper. In my opinion, non-profit journalists produce good stories because they have a real passion for writing. Another thing I liked about the Voice of San Diego is the public focus of the paper. Many times a news paper will have stories from numerous different cities or countries, and nothing from the local town.

Although there are many things that I do like about non-profit newspapers, there are also a few things that I do not like. Non-profit papers take business away from the major papers that have been around for so long. Many demographics read newspapers. For example, my father is a middle aged man who is technologically challenged. He does not know how to access a newspaper online. My family still has a subscription to our local newspaper. My dad does not have time to sit and watch the nightly news, but still wants to know what’s going on in the world. If the NY post were to go out of business, he would have no way of accessing news. I don not think it is right to run the other papers out of business.

Also, I understand the concept of “non-profit,” but if a paper is always struggling to make ends meet then why not make people pay for it? It doesn’t have to be as expensive as the NY Post or NY Times. I do not think the non-profit operation is sustainable in the long run. I believe that it can last for a short amount of time but in the end money always will be a problem. In society today, no one works for free. A newspaper with a 14 person staff and stories to cover can not survive for years to come with no money. The fact that they were thinking of selling mugs and tee-shirts for money tell me that they are in need of money. If they were thinking of selling mugs and tee shirts, are they really non-profit?


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