Chakah Fattah

As far as cities go, the most recognizable tend to be Chicago, New York, and LA. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is noticeably absent from that list. People know Philly for being home to Kobe Bryant, and having good cheese steaks. Unfortunately,  Philadelphia often times has negative connotations of being poverty stricken. Congressman Chaka Fattah is trying to brighten up the city by attempting to make it a better place to live, and work.

The first item on his agenda is to make significant improvements in public schools. According to, there are 20 schools in the County of Philadelphia that have less than 50% of graduating students moving on to four year colleges. This seems alarming because that statistic can potentially scare many people away from Philadelphia. Chakah Fattah has also implemented acts such as the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act , and the College Opportunity Resources for Education (CORE) to help under privlidged kids afford college. Chakah Fattah has a long list of acts that have benefitted Philadelphia during his time in office. Considering all of the work that Fattah has done for Philadelphia, he has many companies, and supporters funding his campaign.

Chakah Fattah’s work has an academic focus for the most part. Academic institutions such as Arcadia University, Philadelphia University, and University of Pennsylvania are among his bigger contributors. Also, in my opinion I, there is a direct correlation between the types of people who contribute to Fattah’s campaign and what he stands for. Chakah Fattah is all for schools, and making education more reasonable for the citizens of philadelphia. Many of Fattah’s supporters are highly educated professionals. Not only does Fattah have the support of intellectual people, but he has the support of many prominent political organizations. I find that interesting because these organizations gave a substantial amount of money. Fattah has a long history in office, judging by his long list of supporters, I believe that he will continue to do good for Philadelphia


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