Amtrak officials announce plans to tighten security in the coming days of September 11th.

Amtrak officials have announced plans to tighten security on the anniversary of September 11th. Additional security measures will include random bag checks at about 150 amtrak stations such as New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the District of Columbia. This “multi force security surge” will mainly affect passengers riding along the Northeast Corridor which runs from Boston to Washington DC.

Amtrak will have more Federal, state, and local police officers patrolling the stations as well as riding on trains. Additional bomb sniffing dogs will be present on September 11th. These measures are a part of OPERATION ALERTS.

Amtrak Police Chief, John O’Connor explains;

“Operation ALERTS” (Allied Law Enforcement for Rail and Transit

Security), is “a coordinated effort involving activities such as heightened

station patrols, increased security presence onboard trains, explosives

detection canine sweeps, and random passenger bag inspections at

unannounced locations.,”

Amtrak would like to assure passengers that there have not been any specific threats. These new security measures are being taken to ensure passenger safety on the anniversary of September 11th.


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